Monday, August 9

Theme of the Day: Planes

How could we visit the Outer Banks without talking about planes.  Afterall, we were just down the street from Kitty Hawk, home to the first airplane flight.  Even the state quarter proclaims the importance of flight to North Carolina.

1. Lunch snack of plane toast and cheese clouds
2. Painting Bread (Previous Tutorial here)
3 & 4.  Disney's Pedro Story
5. North Carolina state quarter depicting the first flight
6. Our butterfly glider (from the Sonic kid's meal)... our poor glider.  This guy went through a lot... nose dives in the sand, swimming in the ocean, and basically being man-handled by a three-year-old.

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1 comment:

Cotton Kiwi said...

Love the plane toast and cheese clouds. So cute!

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