Sunday, August 22

Volunteer Board

We all have so many roles that we balance in our lives.  Just over three years ago, I had my first child, and ever since then I feel like I have been trying to figure out my life.  Every time things start to feel like they are falling into a routine, life changes... work situations, a second child, new social circles, etc.  When my son was born, I had to drop some of my activities because they weren't conducive to a new baby.  So now I am re-investigating how I can be involved in life around me.

One way I am re-engaging is on a team that is trying to let church members know about opportunities to get involved.  I was tasked with creating volunteer boards with sheets that people can take regarding current opportunities.  The creation was simple... a black foam board, plastic name tag holders to hold papers, and finally pictures, letters, and ribbon to dress it up.  

You could easily repurpose this for any informational board... PTA Meetings, craft and farmer's markets, home-schooling activities, etc.  If you do, let me know how it turns out.

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Melissa said...

A beautifully executed theme for a volunteer board.

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