Tuesday, October 2

Living Seasonally... S'more Bars

Mmmm... Fall, Bonfires, and S'mores.  I know some people like s'mores in the Summer, but for me they invoke images of Fall and camping (I do not camp in the South in Summer).

For my son's recent birthday party, I whipped up a batch of Macaroni and Cheesecake's S'more Bars... absolutely delish.  I think the grown-ups were even bigger fans than the kids.

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Monday, October 1

Living Seasonally... Embracing Fall

The Summer absolutely flew by this year.  Between a new baby and my husband returning to work, I spent all summer trying to adjust to the new pace of life.  And with my eldest starting school a month ago, Fall was rapidly feeling like it might fly past me too.  So, for the month of October, I will be focusing on embracing Fall... pumpkins, football, apples, costumes, hay mazes... all the things the Fall means to me.

And to help kick us off... my Fall bucket list.

This is based off of Loves of Life's 2011 Fall Bucket List, though I just saw that she posted a 2012 Version as well.  I made my version to reflect my own family's activities (I recognize that Celtic festivals aren't part of everyone's Fall), but Katie offers a free printable for folks with fantastic ideas.  Check out her site since she was the brilliant inspiration!

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