Sunday, September 30

Back to School: Bento Love

I love the bento concept, at least the Americanized-version. (Mine are in no way authentic). The small sizes and variety fits my daughter's eating habits. And I find that it gives me just enough room for silly fun, which is essential now that I find myself packing school lunches daily.

As we close out September, here are some of our school creations...

"Reach for the Stars"

"Madam Butterfly"

Monkey Love

One Fish, Two Fish

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Thursday, September 20

Modern Jackie

Style Icons... what a hard and yet fabulous theme for the second week of Project Run and Play.  I debated several... Audrey Hepburn, Ralph Lauren, Grace Kelly.  But in the end, I had to go back to one of my favorite... Jackie O.

One of the things I love about Jackie is how she would take into account her surroundings when traveling as First Ladies.  Her trip to India... the colors and silks... all fit together.  I love looking at the photos of her attire from that visit, several of which inspired this week's look.
[Source: Life]

[Source: Life]

[Source: Life]

That last picture in particular caught my eye.  I love Jackie in her pink outfit surrounded by all the pinks and oranges.  Thus was born...

A Modern Jackie

I wanted something with simple, classic lines... boat-neck, front pleat... but with the color saturation that grabbed me in the photos.  So I chose a vibrant pink and accented it with orange ribbon.  (The sparkles on the ribbon won my daughter's approval.)  And of course you can't forget the pearls!

She certainly proves you can move in the dress!

This was the first pattern I drafted on my own, which was a lot of fun.  It also meant becoming good friends with my seam ripper!

In the story of a fail, check out this headband I originally planned.  Two pictures in it was very clear that I needed to use a simpler headband.  This one looked like it was about to fly off her head.  But she still likes it.

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Monday, September 10

PR&P Flashback: Circle Skirt Remix

In honor of the start of Project Run and Play Season 5, I wanted to share a project inspired by last season.  One of my favorite Circle Skirt Remixes was Refugee Crafter's Blue Circle Skirt.  I love the little cinched layer with the ruffles peeking out underneath.  (Plus her model was too cute for words.)  So when I found these navy polka dot fabrics, they just screamed to be used for this very purpose.

Isn't that cinch just darling?  There is so much twirl and volume to this skirt.

Mix in a little uniform top and headband and you have one cute kiddo.  The shoes... well, they were a recent compromise for school shoes.  Little princess wanted glitter shoes.  Mommy wanted shoes that didn't drop glitter everywhere.  There are what we settled on.  I have a feeling our future has many fashion compromises in it.

Aren't these two just the cutest?

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Thursday, September 6

A Beachy Bias

It has happened.  This very newbie seamstress has decided to join along in the Project Run and Play Sew-Along.  I have loved the talent of the past several seasons.  This will be a great way to push myself out of my comfort zone.  Between work, school starting, activities, a birthday party, and church, I doubt I'll keep up with all 6 weeks.  But I aim to do as many as I can.

So, without further adieu... let the adventure begin.  Here is my ocean ombre bias dress (It really needs a better title.  Ocean Waves?  Surf Side?  Biased Beach?  I'm really bad at this.)

Yes, that is my goof ball.  She was just a "little" hyper during our photo shoot.

The challenge was to do a remix of the talented Katy's (No Big Dill) Very Biased Skirt.  I had never cut anything on the bias before, so this was a great push to try something new.  I chose three shades of blue and mixed cotton, satin, and a little tulle.  I drafted an A-line shirt to attach to a simple bodice, with a glitter ribbon trim.  (My daughter likes sparkle.)  Then I topped it off with some rolled flowers on a simple fabric headband.

I saw this as a church dress, but my daughter sees no limitation and was ready to start playing, which I guess is a sign that it is comfortable.  Off she went... climbing the deck rails to call out to her friend in a neighboring yard...

climbing pirate ladders...

and more climbing...

always the goofball...

And even though this is blurry, I can't resist one last crazy shot.  She is one active and lovable girl.

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Wednesday, September 5

Back to School: Preschool Backpack

With all the back to school planning, big sister was getting all the attention.  But the start of another school year also means little brother being dragged to gymnastics, dance, and other activities.  And every little boy needs a special place for his toys and treasures, and maybe even a little snack... particularly when he's going to be surrounded by tutus.

When I saw this car fabric, I knew I needed to make something for my car-loving boy. I loved the bright primary colors.

I used this pattern from etsy.  The velcro is great for his little hands.

The result... a happy boy.  I love his smile.  It's hard to believe he isn't even three yet.  He just looks so grown-up to me.

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Tuesday, September 4

K is for Kindergarten

Today was a milestone for our family... our oldest started Kindergarten.  From now on our family life will be greatly governed by the school calendar.  I took the day off work and am still processing how I feel.  I can't believe she is so grown-up already.

We made our lunch and snack... a K for Kindergarten, alphabet cookies, and even a grape butterfly for a snack.  My little girl was very excited when she saw the sneak peek.

All smiles as Mommy keeps snapping pictures.  (It was short lived.  She insisted on no pictures at the bus stop until the bus arrived.)

And when that big yellow bus arrives, I got one little wave and she was off.  My little baby on that great big bus.

Where did the last five years go?

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