Thursday, August 5

Theme of the Day: Fish

We are away at the beach and having a wonderful time.  Building sand castles, playing in the surf, and enjoying time together... it's been a relaxing beak.  And inspired by Katherine Marie's Theme Weeks, I thought it would be fun to do some mini theme afternoons, based on our vacation.  Our first theme... FISH.

Our starting point... Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale by Marcus Pfister, picked up at the local Manteo Booksellers.

From there we decided to have a little fun...

(1) Goldfish for snacks, parmesan and honey since Mommy doesn't like the original
(2 & 3)  Fish in Water, aka Blue Jello with Honey Goldfish
(4) Grilled Cheese "Fish" with Blueberry "Bubbles" (idea absolutely from Katherine Marie)

Now back to swimming in the sea and building sand castles.

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Melissa said...

Looks like seriously yummy fun.

kathereinemarie said...

looks like some wonderful FISHY FUN! :):) You know I'm crazy for themes---- I look forward to more of your THEME DAYS!!!! :)

Michael Harris said...

Looks like seriously yummy fun.

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