Sunday, March 28

Baking Supplies

Here is another project for my daughter's Easter basket.  She loves to help me bake, so I made a flour and a sugar sack for her kitchen.  I'll be putting it in with some wooden eggs and hopefully a little mixing bowl, as well as the donuts.  (She already has measuring cups.)  I imagine many more cooking sessions in her room.

I wanted the label to be on printable fabric but wasn't able to locate it locally.  I'm using paper right now, but I want to replace them one day with something longer lasting.  Luckily, that should be a pretty easy change.

Now back to work on some more projects for the baskets.

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Saturday, March 27

Big Sister, Little Sister

Have I mentioned that I have a lot of friends having babies?  And they are all due at the same time, which means now is the time for baby showers.  A few weeks ago I showed you a diaper cake that I made for the soon-to-be-born Emma Grace.  Well, today I have a shower to attend for another little girl.  I am so excited because both of these little girls will grow up with my son (who hits 6 months this coming week... wow).

I thought of making a diaper cake again but decided to do something a little different.  In this case, the baby will be the second child.  Her older sister is friends with my daughter, so I wanted to do something special for big sister and little sister.  And here is the result...

Matching Shirts, made via freezer paper stenciling of course.  For big sister, a pink shirt with a bird and branch.  (And in case you are wondering, this is the same as the yellow shirt I made my daughter.  I loved it so much that I decided to do the same thing here.)  For baby sister, a onesie with the bird and the Brazilian Portuguese word for baby (part of the family is from Brazil).

I rolled both up and tied them with ribbon and a little note about the recipient.  I also added a little korker barrette for big sister (who has amazingly beautiful curly hair).

Tucked in a box with other baby items and then with a special card (note written after the picture was taken), the present is complete. 

Now I just hope Mom likes it.  I'm off to get dressed for the Baby Shower.  Have a lovely weekend.  I know I will.

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Wednesday, March 24

Donuts, donuts, and more donuts

I can't believe that Easter is coming up so quickly.  I am definitely running behind in getting together goodies for the kids.  I decided this year that I wanted to make some homemade items for them, and you are welcome to come along on the ride.

I've already shared with you my obsession with Felt Food.  I am fighting the desire to make more cookies, though little spring sugar cookies would have been so cute.  Instead, I decided to tackle donuts.  I am a Dunkin' Donuts girl.  Thankfully, they aren't convenient to get to from our house so donuts are only an occasional treat (meaning we are in that part of town).  Now, though, we will have these calorie free alternatives to play with.

I wanted to make a diverse collection.  After all, who picks just one kind of donut?  You need the variety to keep things interesting.  That and I just like so many different types. 

For Easter, my daughter will be getting...
  • two donuts with chocolate icing and pink and green sprinkles (because pink and green matches her room)
  • one boston cream donuts (Mommy's favorite)
  • one chocolate glazed donut
  • and maybe a few more if I end up with some spare time before Easter
These are easy to make and easy to customize.
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Sunday, March 21

Spring... and a splash of Pink

I love Spring.  It might be my favorite season.  Everything is new and fresh.  The world is just coming to life... waking up after the long winter.  Just today I discovered that my rosemary, parsley, oregano, and marjoram all survived the winter.  My forsythia bush went from barely budding on Friday to the beginning of yellow blossoms today.  And we played outside in shorts and sandals.  I am hoping for a prolonged Spring before we hit 90 degree days.

In honor of Spring, I have another shirt creation for my daughter.  I love silhouettes, and this one just seemed like fun.

For more on freezer stenciling, check here.  It is really easy.  And after a recent shopping trip where I discovered that I don't like the messages on most of the shirts for kids, I have a feeling that I will be customizing a lot of my own shirts.

My apologies if the posts this week are a little less frequent.  I am desperately trying to make some things for my kids' Easter baskets (and yes, more felt food is included), plan a baby shower for the week after Easter (lots of projects to share with this one), make some more hairbows and barrettes for my daughter's spring outfits, and prep a gift for a baby shower this coming weekend.  I'll be sharing all the crafts with you as well as tutorials, so please check back.

Until then... have a lovely week.

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Saturday, March 20

Korker Bow Tutorial

I love korker bows.  In fact, they are the biggest draw for me to Gymboree.  I bought two pairs on sale last Spring just as we were beginning the pig-tail hairstyle for my daughter (she finally had enough hair to do something with, even if they were just 1 inch tufts sticking in the air), and fell in love with them.  I haven't always had success finding them in the colors I wanted, so when I came across tutorials on how to make these last Fall, I had to try it.  Several tries later, I have definitely learned some things.  I have a fantastic tester who puts her hairbows through their paces.  Here's what I have come up with that actually hold their curl.

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Wednesday, March 17

Irish Eyes are Smiling

I love Google's artwork.  And today's just made me smile.  I think it is the celtic knots.  I'm a sucker for celtic knots.
Source:  Google on 17 March 2010

May your day be full of joys that bring smiles to your face.

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Tuesday, March 16

Taste of the Irish

A happy St. Patrick's Day to you!  I whipped up these cookies as a thank you to my children's teachers... and as a yummy treat for my family.

Obviously, I still need to work on my icing technique.  But I think I did better on these than on the Red Fish Blue Fish cookies.

To package them, I just put a cookie in each bag and stapled them with a little tag that said "I am LUCKY that you are my teacher."

So, may you have a tasty St Patrick's Day!

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Monday, March 15

Springtime Yellow... Bird Stencil

Every Spring I find myself drawn to Yellow.  Perhaps it is because I love to watch for the first Forsythia blossoms.  Perhaps it is because I love lemon desserts for Easter.  Perhaps it is the draw to lemonade and sweet tea as I abandon hot chocolate and apple cider.  Perhaps it is just that yellow seems so warm and sunny, something I desperately desire after the gray winter.  Whatever it is, I find myself drawn to it, craving it, loving it.

I am beginning to fill the house with splashes of yellow... yellow placemats, yellow blossoms, yellow pillows, etc.  But it seems unfair for the house to have all the fun.  Unfortunately, I look wretched in yellow.  But, I have a daughter who looks amazing in yellow.  So this next project is for her.

This was made via freezer paper stenciling.  The design was a compilation of several that I found.  I traced the twig from one source and then traced the bird on top of that.  I love the design.  I need to find a good shirt for myself so that I can wear one as well. 

Sadly, the lighting wasn't great when I took these pictures.  The shirt is a pretty sunny yellow.

And because I couldn't resist, I did a little butterfly embellishment one other place as well.  We have just put diapers behind us.  And I have a feeling that, despite my best efforts, we will be seeing these a lot, particularly under her sundresses and skirts this summer.  So, might as well have fun with it.

Have a lovely yellow day!

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Sunday, March 14

Monkey Hairbow Holder

Last Summer I came across this cute little barrette holder while at a local craft fair.  It had a little monkey - perfect for my little monkey - and was the solution for our ever-growing hair bow selection.  At only a few dollars, I scooped one up.  Then not long ago I was exploring the aisles of Michael's and, lo and behold, came across the same little monkey figure as was on my daughter's bow holder.  I realized exactly how easy that little holder was.

Given my obsession with barrettes for my daughter's pigtails, I've been running out of space for hair bows.  So, I decided to make a little partner monkey to go along with our current one.  The result... two little monkeys hanging on the wall.  (The one with the yellow ribbon is the original.  The one with the pink ribbon and flower is the new one.)

The instructions are really simple.  I was able to do this in less than an hour while watching a movie with my husband.
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Saturday, March 13

Torn Between Seasons... Eating Seasonally

I feel completely torn between Seasons right now.  On the one hand, I am cravings flowers and color to end the gray monotony of Winter.  But while I am beginning to see signs of Spring in the grocery store, the selection is still decidedly Winter produce.  I cannot wait until the Farmer Stands open in our area and I can walk among the bins of fresh produce... smelling the sweet scent of ripe strawberries, enjoying the crisp lettuce fresh from the fields, and hearing that delightful snap of fresh peas.

You see, a couple of years ago I read about seasonal eating and have absolutely loved it.  Now I get excited with the change of each season.  I look forward to the fresh Spring greens, to be followed by the early summer berries, corn, late summer peaches, and then the fall flavors of pears, plums, grapes, pumpkins, and pomegranates.  Mmm... the delights of each Season.

Knowing that the Winter foods will soon be put away, I warned my husband to let me know what Winter dishes he wants made one more time.  I admit that meal planning around here has been pitiful lately.  It feels like we have been dealing with a stream of sicknesses lately and that life hasn't been able to fall into rhythm.  There have been way to many Chick-fil-A nights and frozen pizza nights.  I can't handle it anymore.  Neither my wallet nor my waistline are handling it well.  So, for accountability, I am sharing my meal plans with you here.  Let's see how well I do...

Sunday Lunch:Israeli Couscous with Apples and Cranberries
(Source: Giada De Laurentiis)

Lemon and Blood Orange Gratin
(Source: Tartelette, but substituting Blood Orange for the Honey Tangerines)

Sunday Dinner:Dinner with Extended Family

Monday Dinner:Sausage, Kale, and Cranberry Pasta
(Source: Rachel Ray)
While this recipe sounds odd, it is my husband's favorite Fall and Winter meal.  I do a few modifications to the recipe.  I do all sweet sausage, use vidalia onion, and do the whole can of cranberry sauce rather than the wine.  I alternate between kale and spinach, depending on my mood.

Sliced Blood Oranges with Lavender and Honey

Tuesday Dinner:Green Chile and Ham Quiche with Potatoe Crust
(Source:  For the Love of Cooking)

Wednesday Dinner:Shepherd's Pie with Potatoes and Green Onions, Beef, and Cheddar Cheese
(Source:  I'm making this one up.)

Chocolate Cupcakes filled with Mint Creme
(Source: I'm making this one up.)

Thursday Dinner:Mom's Night with the Kids... in other words, whatever we want

What is your favorite Winter recipe?

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Thursday, March 11

Forsythia Blooms

I am ready for Spring.  We have suddenly shifted into 60 degree days.  The sun is finally shining again.  And my coat has yet to leave the coat closet this week.

While the blooms haven't emerged outside yet, they have inside.  Two weeks ago I clipped some forsythia branches from my yard and followed BHG's great tutorial on forcing branches.  My reward... beautiful blossoms that make me smile, even when I was sick last weekend.

If you haven't tried this yet, I recommend it.  It is a great way to get through this transition period.

Has Spring come to your area this week?

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Wednesday, March 10

Babies, Babies Everywhere

I'm not sure what was in the water lately, but it seems like I am surrounded by expectant mothers due around April and May.  So far the list includes my cousin, two women in my Sunday School Class, a former co-worker, and a friend of ours... two unknown, two girls, and one boy.  I am so excited.  Not only am I excited about the beginning of new life, but I am also excited because many of these will be the children that grow up with my son and are in his class in school.  Selfish, I know, but I love being able to get together with other families and have the kids play together.

With so many babies due, the baby showers are beginning.  And that of course means coming up with cute baby shower gifts.  I admit that my baby shower shopping changed drastically after having my own children.  I definitely learned what is practical and what is not (newborn sized outfits, particularly if the baby is a 10 pounder like my son was).  I think that is what led me to fall in love with diaper cakes.  It's a great combination of a practical gift (diapers) and craftiness.

The baby shower we were invited to requested a book for Emma Grace's library instead of a card.  (Don't you love that name.  I think I'll have to call her Emma Grace all the time.)  I love this idea, being a lover of books myself.  So, I decided to have the book be the focal point of the cake.  Here's what I ended up with...

I know that there are tons of tutorials on the internet for diaper cakes, so I won't go into a lot of detail here.  However, let me just say that this was put together pretty last minute.  It is much easier than you think, if you haven't tried one before.

I've made several over the years, and I am coming down to the fact that I like the simpler look.  So I don't add a lot of embellishment.  It's just my personal taste.

That book on top is "Are you my Mother?"  I was surprised to learn that it isn't technically a Dr. Seuss book.  But I loved reading it as a child, and it is one of those nice hard-board versions that my daughter really enjoyed when she was younger.  I just made a cover for it out of scrapbook paper so it would match and then added the stickers for "Baby Girl".  Our names are also on it so it can serve as the card.

This cake consists of 70 rolled size 1 diapers (held with hair ties) and is built around a baby shampoo bottle at the center.  I had the pink ribbon at home as well.  The letters are from a pack of pink $0.99 stickers in Target's Scrapbooking aisle.  The butterflies were punched out of the leftover pale pink paper from the book cover.  Add the pink tissue paper, and that is all there is to it.

I was rather happy with the finished product.

Here's a boy version from a year ago.  I loved the monkey stuffed animal on top and the very simple blue and brown color combo.  This one is only two tiers.

Now to come up with some other baby gift ideas.  Anyone know of any good sibling gifts?  There are some big sisters that I want to include as well.

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Tuesday, March 9

Wearing of the Green

Now you know that I couldn't let St. Patrick's Day pass without making another set of barrettes.  After all, she needs barrettes to match her Celtic shirt.  At least that is what I keep telling myself.

The basics are the same as for the original felt barrette tutorial I posted.  I used two shades of green felt.  The darker is the base of the barrette as well as the middle flower.  The lighter green was used for the two outside flowers.  I used two white buttons for the outside flowers and then used a lighter green button for the center flower.

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Sunday, March 7

Dia Libh...

I am in love with freezer paper stenciling.  I may be getting a little obsessive.  My husband is afraid that I am going to stencil every article of clothing in the house.  Well, maybe it isn't that bad.  But I am having fun with it.  I can't wait to show you some of the spring creations I made for my little girl.  However, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, let me start with the Irish shirts I made for the kids.

I already had a green shirt lying around for my son.  Since it was a little boring, I thought I'd have some fun and dress it up.  We really enjoy going to Celtic festivals (much harder these days than during our pre-kid days), so I thought I would go more Irish-themed so they could wear them beyond St. Patrick's Day.

If you want to try this yourself, Dana from Made has a great tutorial on Freezer Paper Stenciling.

I chose the Irish Gaelic phrase "Dia Libh" meaning "God with You."  The font for the green shirt is Livingstone (downloaded from  I used Sherwood (also downloaded from for the white shirt.  I printed out the two phrases and then traced them onto the freezer paper.  After cutting the design out with an exacto knife, I ironed the design onto the shirt and painted it using Tulip's Glacier White Matte soft fabric paint.  I think I did 2-3 coats.

I did the same thing on the white shirt but used Tulip's Holiday Green Matte.  I made my daughter's shirt gender neutral so that her brother can wear it in a couple of years.  The girly shirts will be coming soon. 

Until then... dia libh.

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Thursday, March 4

Seuss Extravaganza: Cat in the Hat Pin

I had originally planned on yesterday being the last Seuss post.  However, I couldn't resist making a little Cat in the Hat pin for my daughter.  Her daycare has been celebrating Dr Seuss this week as well, so I wanted her to have something special to wear.

The pin was really simple to make.  I whipped it up while watching an episode of BBC's Robin Hood (current obsession) with my husband once the kids were in bed.  There is something so relaxing about sewing in the evening.  It is such a nice relief to let go of all the day's stress and just create with your hands.  Pair that with british accents, a hot cup of tea, and my loving husband, and it is a perfect end to the day.

Making the pin was simple.  All I did was cut a hat shape out of the white felt.  I then cut out a piece of blue felt slightly larger than the white one.  I stitched a safety pin to the blue felt.  Then I stitched the white hat form to the blue felt using white embroidery floss.  I cut out three stripes from the red felt and stitched those on top.  And with that, it was done.

I hope you enjoy!

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Wednesday, March 3

Seuss Extravaganza: Red Fish Blue Fish

Despite the title, today is actually inspired by Green Eggs and Ham... by the idea of trying something new.  I love looking at decorated sugar cookies.  They are beautiful.  But I have never tried the pipe and flood method.  So, I have tried something new.  They aren't perfect.  But I'll share the results anyways as my confession for trying new things.

The plan was to make Red Fish and Blue Fish.  But, they came out more as pink fish, blue fish.  My daughter still likes them though.  Isn't it great that our children love what we make even when they don't meet our own standards.

I definitely need to keep practicing.  My poor family.  What will they do with all those practice cookies?

There's my confession.  Here's to trying new things... whatever the outcome.

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