Sunday, August 15

Exploring at Home

We just finished a Madeline-inspired weekend, which I will post about soon.  However, I was also reminded this weekend that it is fun to explore my own home town.  We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon exploring Canal Walk in the River District of Richmond... old meets new.. interesting architectural elements...  all in all a fun excursion.  Have you played tourist at home recently?

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Heather said...

I haven't 'visited' Richmond in quite a while, but I always show up to the Maymont Flower Show at the end of February, if you've never been then you really should try to head out next year.

I'll have to drag the boys out there one weekend, it's been too long since I've been!

meeks said...

I have...and it was fantastic. I was the same as you and noticed the "old meets new" (modern and retro motorcycles parked next to each other etc)

It is great to look at your home town with a different "lens" isn't it, and really admire the beauty that sometimes we take for granted!

Thanks for sharing your photos!

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