Friday, April 30

May Day and Flower Wreaths

I love May Day!  I think it is a remnant of my childhood years in Hawaii.  At my elementary school, May Day was a big deal.  The whole school would prepare for the celebration, always the first Friday in May.  Each grade level performed a different dance... hulas, stick dances from the Philippines, Zulu dances.  And of course, there was the Hawaiian Royal Court.  As one of the "good kids" I had the opportunity to be the princess of the Big Island, wearing red and adorned in flowers.

I remember sitting with my mother the night before the program stringing plumeria blossoms into leis and head wreaths.  We'd pick the blossoms from our own tree and from a friend's and then bring them home, heaping them into piles on the floor.  We'd sit on the floor watching a movie, our fingers getting sticky from the blossoms' milky substance.  I loved wearing the flowers and being engulfed in their scent.  It was one of the best parts of Spring.

As I wrote in my previous post, I was recently inspired by a trip to the Farmers Market.  After looking at the flowers, I was reminded that May Day is Saturday and wanted to recreate that flower wreath experience for my daughter.  Thus...

a floral wand (reminding me of a May Day Pole)...

and flowers to adorn her golden locks
(my attempt at poetry there).

While I would have loved to have made these of real flowers, the flowers in my yard are too fragile and my Tomboy Princess is too hard on them.  Thus, these are made from artificial flowers.  I'm sure there are tutorials all over the blogosphere for these types of creations.  However, I've included my method below.

I'm giving these to my daughter today.  If I can get a picture of her playing that doesn't show too much (I'm squeamish about posting pictures of my children), I'll post an updated shot.

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What Inspires You

For me, it is Farmer Markets.

My job is changing Monday, so I took today off as a day to get a few errands/projects done, to renew, and to just take the day at my own pace.  That meant a trip to one of our local farmer markets.  (My favorite opens this Saturday.)  The local produce, the flowers, the canned goods... they all inspire me to embrace the season more.  They inspired me to plant herbs and hang flowers on my porch.  They inspired me to clean our deck furniture so we could dine alfresco tonight.  And they were the motivation for some of the projects you will see over the next few days.  I promise I haven't forsaken the crafts projects.  I have some tutorials from today, including an improved one for korker bows... even better for withstanding toddlers in case your daughter is as rough on them as mine is.  Until then.... go outside and enjoy!

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Sunday, April 25

Blueberry and Cream Cheese "Pop tarts"

I made this last night for a Sunday School Breakfast Fellowship.

Don't they look delicious! 

Homemade "pop tarts" with Blueberry and Cream Cheese filling.  Mmmmmm...

Unfortunately, a wheezing baby and a 3:30am visit with the ER left us home recovering.  So, instead, they have become our snack to get through the day.

I was inspired by For the Love of Cooking's recent foray into pop tarts.  Here's how I made these:
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Saturday, April 24

Mortar Board Ornaments

Have a graduation coming up?  How about whipping up a few of these?

Maybe favor giveaways for a party?  Or hanging around as a decoration? 

Or as a package topper for a gift for that special graduate?  Or to dress up a celebration for a grown-up grad?

Or to play with a not-so-grown-up?

Or maybe just to hang from the rear-view mirror?

In our house, we love to collect ornaments.  Then every December we reminisce as we decorate... places we've traveled, gifts from friends, weddings, special events in our own family.  So a special mortar board ornament seems appropriate to remember such a momentous occasion.  And this is so easy and inexpensive that you can whip a bunch up if you want to share the memory.
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Wednesday, April 21


Wow... 53 followers.  I cannot tell y'all how honored I am that you actually read this blog.  I admit that I started Pink Tea 3 months ago with only a partial plan in my head.  Thank you for sticking with me.  I have loved all the comments and feedback.  You have all been such a blessing to me in encouraging me along this journey.  In fact, your encouragement and support even got me to the point where I was willing to tell family members about this blog.  (For a long time, it was secret that only my mother and husband knew.)  Thank you everyone... followers, stalkers, and those who just stumbled in.

One of my very first followers, Maria, posted a request last month regarding her son's upcoming graduation.  She wants to do something special before he joins the Marines.  I have been thinking about that a lot lately, particularly since graduation season seems to be upon us.  My husband is involved with Collegiate Ministry, and it amazes me how quickly the end of the semester is here.  I'm going to miss the graduating Seniors.  I have enjoyed their warmth, energy, and quirkiness.  When they have come over, they have filled the house with laughter.

Tomorrow night is their end of the year picnic.  So tonight my husband and I are in the kitchen prepping.  He's over at the stove working on baked beans and homemade buttermilk pound cake (yes, I married a man who can cook and bake).  And I decided to add a fun little treat to the festivities as well.

DISCLAIMER:  This is Bakerella's idea.  I deserve no credit.  Check out her post for more info.

Aren't they yummy looking? 

It amazes me that a few candies (in this case Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter squares, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Twizzler Pull & Peels, and Candy Buttons)...

Can have sticks added to them...

And turn into this...

Maria, I finally came up with an idea for a felt give-away.  Now I just need to make, photograph it, and post it.  But I promise it is coming.

And for everyone else, please let me know if there are specific projects you'd like to see.  I can't make guarantees, but I'd love to know what interests and inspires you.  I'd also love to hear your thoughts on the new look. It is still a work in progress.

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Monday, April 19

An Evening with Pink Tea

I promise there will be more projects and tutorials soon.  However, I am playing with my new camera and am having trouble pulling myself away.  So for now, here are snapshots into an evening with Pink Tea.

Playing outside...

Playing inside...

Learning to pull-up...

Messy meals...

Strewn Toys (shot a little too late in the evening)...

And just having fun...

I hope you enjoy your own form of playing.

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Sunday, April 18

Weekend Bliss

Weekend... bliss, relaxation, family.  I hope that your weekend was a lovely one.  This weekend I played and enjoyed and began to rejuvenate.  The creative juices are coming back, having burned out somewhat on the baby shower.

How did I rejuvenate?  Painting my toenails pink, checking out the local French Food Festival, playing in the garden, taking naps with my baby, celebrating at church, dancing around the house with my daughter, rediscovering the joys of cooking...

... oh, and playing with my new camera after my old one essentially gave out during the food festival.  Hopefully the photos on this blog will improve going forward.

I'm playing with the design for this blog as well, so things may periodically look different.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Have a lovely week!

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Friday, April 16

Baby Shower: Owls & Books, Part V

Here are some free printables for the Owls & Books Baby Shower.  Enjoy!

Shower Game:
Game where participants have to determine the real children's book title from the alternative name.  Page is designed to print two per page.  Just cut down the middle, leaving two pages that are 4 1/4" x 11".

Favor Tags: 
These tags can be folded in half and stapled to a gift bag.  File prints four tags per page.  Print on cardstock.  Cut 1/2" off of the left and right sides as a guide.  The tags should be 3" high (1 1/2" when folded) and 4" wide.

Owls and Books Baby Shower Favor Tags

"Welcome Baby" Circle Stickers: 
Print on adhesive paper to make stickers.  File designed to be cut by a 1 1/2" circle punch.  I used the stickers to decorate the cups.  However, they could be used as cupcake topers, on napkins, or on favor bags.  The uses are endless.  Print 25 per page.

Owls and Books Baby Shower Circles

These bookplates can be included in the invitation for guests to write a special message for the baby.  Print on adhesive paper.  File prints 4 bookplates per page.
Owls and Books Baby Shower Bookplates
More details are available on the shower including:

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Thursday, April 15

Baby Shower: Owls & Books, Part IV

And the final baby shower photos...

I was inspired by How Does She's Napkin Dress.  To continue the owl motif, I made little stickers to dress up the cups.

The menu included spice cake cupcakes with book cupcake toppers, chocolate fudge owl cupcakes (inspired by Hello Cupcake), red velvet cakeballs (inspired by Bakerella) as well as the more savory antipasti platter, three-quarter dip, and bruschetta.

To see the other ideas, check out the invitations, the games, and the decorations.

Check back tomorrow for free printables.

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One Pretty Thing:  Baby Shower Round-Up

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