Sunday, August 29

Preserving Summer

O, dear summer... I know I have lamented your heat and craved cooler breezes, but the truth is that I am not ready for you to end.  I'm not ready to acknowledge that another season has passed.  Despite the allure of Fall with its bounty of colors and apple picking and night around bonfires, I'm not ready to say goodbye to all your delights... playing in the pool, farm stands overflowing with peaches and blueberries, sundresses and sandals, popsicles melting on our hands and chins, lazy days moving at a slower pace.  I'm not ready to acknowledge that another season has passed.  I'm not ready for my babies to keep growing up.  I'm not ready for the busyness of Fall.  Right now, I just want to bottle this Summer and treasure it.

So I admit I may be a bit melodramatic here.  But it has dawned on me how quickly my little ones are growing up.  We're still too young for the start of school, but it won't be much longer before my little girl gets on that bus and waves goodbye.  And that little baby boy is quickly becoming more boy than baby.  Where has our summer gone?

In the spirit of capturing summer, what could be better than capturing the deliciousness of its bounty, in this case... peaches.  I came across My French Corner's Peach Confiture recipe last summer and found it to be a lovely third-trimester addiction.  I think I was eating the luxuriousness two meals a day in those last weeks.  This is a delightfully simple recipe... peaches, water, sugar, and lemon juice.  (I add a little less sugar than the recipe calls for.)  Now to just figure out how to bottle my children's childhood.

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julie said...

I could go for another round of summer here myself. This one seemed to get lost in the newborn daze but I'm not ready to say goodbye - not even close! I'd loooove some of your peach jam. I'd say I wish you lived closer, but I say that all the time. :-)

Anonymous said...
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