Saturday, April 3

Pysanky... grown-up egg dying

Last night was a special treat.  After dinner out with friends, I had a chance to enjoy a little grow-up egg decorating... Pysanky.  My first experience with Pysanky was when I attended the Russian Summer Governor's School program in highschool.  My language skills stunk.  I really cannot speak Russian... too many consonants for me.  However, I loved getting to decorate eggs with wax and make intricate designs.  Unfortunately, I forgot to pack my egg way back then when my parents came to pick me up.  In my memories, the egg was gorgeous.  Aren't memories great like that.

Anyways, my friend got into Pysanky last year.  But having learned our lesson last year regarding doing the eggs with my toddler in the house (hers are teenagers and didn't seem to have the same need to always be with and on mommy at all times), we sent the men to my house to put the kids to bed and then went to her house for fun.

I wish I had remembered my camera to show you the process and to show off her eggs.  Her skills are by far superior.  Her eggs have that traditional intricate detailing.  Mine, on the other hand, are a little more contemporary, largely because I have trouble doing straight lines.  I think I missed that day of kindergarten.

I apparently had an Under the Sea type of thing going...

If you want to learn more or try it yourself, she gets her supplies from here.  They have great tutorials for the designs.  Once I have more space for crafts (and fewer toddler hands), I have to order a kit.  Until then, it will remain a special treat.  And honestly, that doesn't sound too bad.  Plus, I'm enjoying the toddler hands.

Happy Easter to you.

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