Thursday, April 1

Maundy Thursday and Cake Pops

I've mentioned before the number of babies in my life right now.  Baby showers rule the day.  And I am so excited for everyone.  However, I am especially excited for the opportunity to throw one soon because it also means that I will be an Aunt.  One of our brothers and his wife are preparing to adopt a baby.  I cannot wait.  I am SO excited.  This has been a long journey, but an exciting one.

With that said, my brain has been full of ideas for the shower, many of which you will see over the next few weeks.  As I was researching ideas, I fell in love with Bakerella's cake pops.  If you haven't seen them, you need to check her site out.  Just prepare to leave hungry.  I am trying to be realistic about how much I can tackle for this shower, so I wanted to do a dry run first.  And since I also wanted to do something sweet for my kids' teachers, it seemed like a great opportunity to combine the two.

Cake balls... the balls were easy.  However, I wasn't as good at dipping them in chocolate.  Mine are chocolate cake and cream cheese icing dipped in semi-sweet chocolate.  I then added a few sprinkles to help hide any imperfections... err, I mean to be festive.  And if my co-workers are any indication, they are delicious.  They have thoroughly enjoyed eating the ones I brought into the office.

For the teachers, I packaged the balls up in bags and made a little Easter label for them.  I end up making about 10-11 packages for daycare to cover their teachers and the front staff whom I adore.

Delicious.  I want to try them with the red velvet cake mix.  I'm not sure if they will be made for the shower.  It depends on if I have enough time.  But I will definitely be making them again.

Let me know if you try them.  And if you have tips for dipping them in chocolate, let me know.  As you can see in the pictures, mine are a little messy.

Happy Maundy Thursday...
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Becca said...

I've never made the cake pops but when I make oreo truffles (same basic idea), I put them in the chocolate and roll them around with a fork. Then I use two forks to pull them out. Hope that helps.

Raymonde said...


Happy Easter to you!

I found you through New Friend Friday. Take care.
Blessings. xxx


Blackberry Jam Cafe said...

These look great! Stopping by from New Friend Friday! Very cute blog - I'm looking forward to following you.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello CJ,

Thank you for visiting me for New Friend Friday. ♥ Happy Easter to you!

Those cake balls looks fabulous. I can gain weight just looking at them....ggrrrrrr! I love your packaging too. ♥

Have a great day,
Stephanie ♥

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