Monday, April 5

Baby Taggie and Easter Baskets

I was really pushing it this year in terms of getting the Easter baskets ready for the kids.  I am not sure where the time went.  However, everything came together and we had a beautiful Easter celebrating the resurrection and enjoying beautiful time outside with family.  He is risen... he is risen indeed.

So even though Easter is over, I wanted to share with you the final craft item for the easter baskets that I didn't get made in time to post before Sunday... a teether toy for my son.  I admit that crafts for my daughter tend to dominate this blog, something I hope to fix as my son gets older.  But even though he is only 6 months, I wanted to put something special together for him as well.  And in keeping with the nautical theme that dominates his life (his easter outfit had anchors and sailboats as well), that means a stuffed blue whale.

I added some grosgrain ribbon tags for him to play with and chew on.  It didn't turn out perfectly, but not bad for my first stuffed toy.  The front didn't quite get the straight line I wanted.

His Easter basket ended up being a little tupperware container (to be reused for felt food storage in his sister's room), three cute blue and brown bibs (which we desperately needed), and the little whale taggie.  Not much, but he is only 6 months old.

And just to share, here's the final product for my daughter.  (We re-used last year's Easter Basket from her Nana.)  Content include:  felt flour and sugar bags to pretend to cook, 4 felt donuts, 2 wooden eggs (michaels) for her play kitchen, Benjamin Bunny book (Target dollar section), white satin slippers (Target dollar section), and a little white and pink purse (Target dollar section).  No candy here.  There was enough of that in the plastic eggs for her Easter Egg hunt.

And a belated Happy Easter to everyone.

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