Sunday, September 26

Organizing 101: Reader Ideas

Thanks to everyone for your comments this past week.  Here are some of your suggestions...
  • "One thing I do like to do is get the coffee set up the night before in my preset coffee timer, so when we wake up it's already made."  (Sue from Stay at Home Mom)
  • "Another time-saving idea I've been using lately is when line-drying laundry, I often put it on the hanger wet, hang it to dry, then put it straight in the closet. Why put in another step with clothespins if it's destined for a hanger in the closet anyway?"  (Julie from Heirloom Homestead)
  • "I made some fabric wall-art using large corkboard and covering it with batting and cute fabric. Hang it on the wall and I have a cute piece of art with texture on the wall. But then I can hang up my kids' artwork on top of it! yay!"  (Jane)
Wishing everyone a smoothly-running week...

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