Wednesday, September 22

Organizing 101: Clothing Labels

This is a re-post of a former idea, but I wanted to share it again as part of this Organization week.  This is such a help in our life.  We have a set for me and for my daughter, and I'll be making a set for my son soon as well.  Anything that makes mornings easier is appreciated, and this makes sure that everyone has clean clothes, particularly when I am trying to work off of smaller wardrobes.

I originally saw the hanger label idea on No Fuss Fabulous.  The pink didn't exactly go with my beach-inspired room, so I decided to make up some custom designs for myself.  Using Microsoft Word and Clip Art, I came up with basic designs incorporating coral, sea horses, starfish, and sea shells.

I do laundry on Saturday.  Either Saturday or Sunday I run through and lay out my clothes for the week.  With the hangers, I always have something ready to go in the morning and don't ever have the dilemma of having nothing clean to wear.

The other great advantage is that my husband can help get my daughter dressed without having to ask what I want her to wear.  He just grabs the day's hanger and has everything he needs.  No thought dressing... particularly useful if he hasn't had his coffee yet.

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julie said...

OK I'm LOVING organization week. I am going to want Organization 102 as well!! I do this for Syd's uniforms now. I wash them on Saturday, glance at the weather, and hang them up for the week in order of days for Jeff to just grab each morning. I even loop her belt over the hanger and clip her barrette for the day to the sleeve. (Yes, I've been known to micro-manage. :-) Another time-saving idea I've been using lately is when line-drying laundry, I often put it on the hanger wet, hang it to dry, then put it straight in the closet. Why put in another step with clothespins if it's destined for a hanger in the closet anyway?

CJ {Pink Tea} said...

I do the same thing for anything that needs to air dry (except sweaters of course). For little one's dresses, they go straight on the hanger, ready to go.

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