Tuesday, September 7

Back to School

In my part of the world, the day after Labor Day signals one thing... the start of school.  And even though my children are still too young, the day still holds a certain reverence for me.  Our friends have been sending their children to the first day of kindergarten.  Middle and high schoolers once again form an obstacle course for me in the morning and I leave for work (my driveway somehow ended up as a bus stop).  And all of the teachers in the family start another year.

I have been blessed to be the daughter of one of the most amazing teachers around.  She's the teacher you dream of your child having... the kind that former students return to visit year after year, even when they are in grad school.  I have attended so many functions with my mother of the years as a show of support for her students (present and former).  There have been ballet recitals, soccer games, local community fairs, and even high school plays (my mother teaches elementary).

Since high school, I have often tried to leave something special for my mother to kick off her school year.  There have been notes hidden in her desk, sweet treats, and even a package delivered from a co-conspirator when I was in college.  It hasn't been every year.  But, I do like when I can do something special to honor such an amazing woman.  This year, I decided her classroom needed cheer... sunflowers and daisies in a pencil vase and a milk carton of candy, courtesy of Paper Crane's adorable milk carton printable.

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julie said...

lovely teacher's gift!

Melissa said...

I love the pencil vases!! I should do one for our teacher.

What a great daughter you are.

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