Thursday, September 2

Jello "Watermelons"

Now you know that we couldn't do our watermelon celebration without jello watermelon.  There are a number of bloggers who have created these (often with mini chocolate chips for seeds).  Here are the lessons I learned in doing this:
  • Lime juice wreaks havoc on your fingers, particularly your cuticles.  You may want to wear gloves to save your hands from looking like mine.
  • I chose to use black cherry jello because I prefer the flavor.  Of course, I forgot that since you need to do the jello jiggler recipe that it makes for a really dark color.  In my case, I'd do it again because I like the flavor.  However, if you want a more realistic watermelon color, go for a lighter red jello.
  • Set the lime peel in muffin cups to hold it level for the jello.  This works really well.
  • I just the lime into wedges.  However, my husband had the idea that next time I should cut it horizontally into more of a slice.
  • Let me know if you determine a good knife for creating a clean cut.  I tried serrated knives, a chef's knife, and even a bread knife.  All resulted in slight texture in the cut.
This is a great project to do with the kids.  My daughter loved mixing the jello.  She and my next door neighbor were fascinated during the process and couldn't wait for the jello to harden (the neighbor had to come back the next day).  Then again, they also sat at the table and ate the lime pulp as I was scraping out the peel.  I acknowledge that probably isn't normal.

Let me know how your creations turn out.

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Melissa said...

I like your tips!! They made me smile especially about choosing a jello flavor.

Anonymous said...

what a great idea! my kids would totally go banana's over the jello! I'm not a huge fan but I'd make this just for the neatness factor!!

Here from NFF!

Juliana said...

I loved your blog ... There's so much beautiful ... congrats

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