Monday, September 20

Organizing 101: Meal Planner and Family Organizer

This may be one of the greatest organizing tools in out house.  It serves as our central command center.  It controls what we eat and what we do.  It helps ensure we make it to doctor appointments and ballet classes.  All in all, it helps us keep it together.

In essence, it's a simple white board with a grid marked out in thin artist's tape along with a few "day" magnets and multiple marker colors.  Nothing more.  But this simple tool helps keep us organized.  Each week my husband and I plan out our week... ballet classes, church, dinner appointments, to do lists, etc.  Then we plan out our meals as well.  Everything is color-coded, include meals:  purple means I'm cooking, orange means he's cooking, and black means other.  It keeps us together.  Trust me, when we don't do that weekly plan, we eat out entirely too much.  We even use the same color-coding for our activities with a different color for every family members. 

How do you keep your family organized?

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Cotton Kiwi said...

That's a great idea CJ. I might have to try that one. Heaven knows, I do need a fair bit of organising!

Our Class Blog said...

Do you mind telling me where you got this? Our family is in need of a command station like this! thank you!

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