Thursday, September 16

Not Perfect

Dear self,

I just wanted to let you know that it is okay that you aren't perfect.  Some days, that to do list doesn't get checked off.  Sometimes walking through your daughter's room means negotiating a minefield, and your living room is over-run by the rising tide of brightly colored miscellany.  Sometimes you may feel as overwhelmed as that little monkey on the floor, ready to give up.  It's okay.  It will be there tomorrow.  So for now just stop and take a deep breath.  Put the to-do list down.  Get a cup of tea.  And rest.


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julie said...

Agreed. :-) I've been feeling like that monkey quite a bit lately. Actually, the monkey looks peaceful if you ask me. At least no one is asking anything of him!

Julie said...

My living room is also covered in brightly colored miscellany! It tend to ignore it!

CJ {Pink Tea} said...

True. If I lay down, I am used as a jungle gym.

Melissa said...

Beautiful post. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

New follower from New Friend Fridays. What a great post. I think I will definitely enjoy coming here often.

Great blog you have here.

The Things We Find Inside

Katie said...

Love this post because this is how I feel on most days! Thank you!

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