Friday, February 12

Nostalgic Love

First, let me say thank you to all of you who have encouraged me and been so positive during these first two weeks of blogging. I really wasn't sure if anyone would read it. I was so excited when I saw my first comment. And I almost fell out of my chair when I realized I had a follower (by the way, my husband gets the biggest kick out of that term). So to all of you... THANK YOU. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If I could, I would give every one of you a hug... err, maybe not. I doubt you want my germs right now.

I'm still recuperating, so today was a work-from-home day.  (I love that that is a possibility for my job.) While enjoying the peace and quiet of the house, I started to think about Valentine's Day.  Most of my preparations have been for my daughter.  At 2 1/2 she is just getting old enough to "get it."  But today, I was thinking about my husband... an amazing man.  Did I mention that the house was quiet because Daddy took the kids out so that Mommy could have peace and quiet?  Fridays are one of his stay-at-home-Dad days, but he decided they had errands to run and I could use the rest.  Isn't he great!
Anyways, this post isn't about how great my husband is.  But in thinking about how much I love him, I started to think about how I have shown him I loved him in the past.  So, I decided to go and get "the box" out of the closet.

In this box is a collection of memories of our life together.  Believe it or not, he has saved love letters I sent him during our engagement, old cards, some printed emails from our engagement (we were before the Facebook age, so I am glad to say that our sappiness was more private than all the "I love you" comments I see our 20-something friends posting as their status), and random little trinkets I have made him. 

I discovered two things in looking through this box:

(1) He's pretty awesome to save all this.

(2) I am happy to announce that I am a MUCH better crafter now.  Seriously.  Look at some of those cards.  They could use some help.  I wonder if he would notice if I stole the bead flowers off that one card and made a better card for him.

It was fun to look back over everything.  Admittedly, most of it was from our engagement.  But there were also a number of cards that I would hide in his suitcase when he was going away on mission trips and to youth camps.  It was fun to see everything he saved.  And while it was a little embarrassing to see how cheesy and lame some of it was, there were also a few things I had almost forgotten about.

This project was one from Valentine's Day five years ago.  Instead of a coupon book, I made a special deck of cards.  I photocopied the king and queen of hearts from a deck we owned.  I cut out the images, adhered them to cardstock, and then attached a "coupon" for some fun activity.  There are probably better ways for me to make these today, but all things considered, they are still kind of cute.  You know, I don't think he ever did redeem that sunrise on the beach.

The other one I had fun looking back over was from our engagement.  I gave my husband - then fiancĂ©e - an accordion card that was meant to be a countdown to our wedding.  The eleven pages were covered in craft paper, so each morning he could tear off the craft paper to see that day's page.  I included little notes, scavenger hunts, etc.  Yes, it is sappy, but it was fun.  And sometimes you just need sappiness in your life.

So, what are some of your sappy memories? Pin It

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