Thursday, February 11

Being Reminded that I am Loved

I was reminded today how much I am loved.  You see, while nursing my son at 1am, I didn't feel quite right.  So once he was back in his crib, I went to take my temperature.  It was confirmed... I had a fever.  In fact, I still have a fever.  Having tested positive for strep throat, I am now on antibiotics.  And I am on a mad cleaning spree (between laying down to rest) to disinfect all surfaces.  While it is inconvenient for Mommy to get sick, I certainly don't want my children sick as well.

Anyways... back to being reminded that I am loved.  So at 1:30am in the morning I discovered that I was sick.  As I woke up my husband to let him know (particularly since my son was starting to cry at that point), he took control.  He got up and handled all of my son's cries so that I could sleep.  He brought me medicine and water.  He got everyone up and dressed this morning.  He entertained my daughter so that she wouldn't disturb Mommy.  For one morning, Mommy got to rest.

Then my father picked up the kids from daycare, fed them dinner, entertained my daughter, and put her to bed.  He brought me soup and good bread.  He encouraged me to rest.

It is amazing how a sick day can remind me that I am loved.  It isn't often that Mommy gets a break.  But today, when I needed rest, people that I loved took care of everything and reminded me how much they love me.  Now... it is back to bed for more rest. Pin It

2 comments: said...

aww! so sorry you are sick... thrilled to know that you are so blessed!

CJ {Pink Tea} said...

Thanks for the kind wishes. I am feeling much better on day 2.

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