Saturday, July 3

Twirling Tutu

My Twirling Tot

This is the last birthday-related post.  However, I realized that I never shared the birthday girl in her "birthday tutu."  She wore this over her swimsuit when her friends arrived.  She wore it later with an orange and white tank top.  And she's worn it many times since to play around the house.

I had no idea how easy making a tutu was... just tulle and elastic, and absolutely no sewing.  I looked at a couple of different tutorials to come up with my own design.  However, one of the best tips was Treaure for Tot's cutting method.  I made my tutu a little longer, about 13".  I cut my cardboard guide to 13" and then only cut one end after wrapping the tulle.

Summertime Swinging

Twirling and Watering the Garden

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Katie said...

I've used Angie's tutu tutorial as well. It's a good one! Yours turned out cute. Gotta love having a girl! Have you tried the felt flower yet? I'm debating if I should make a tutorial for it. I just posted a new one.

kraftenkrazy3 said...

Hey talented lady! I gave you an award! Come check it out.

The Sew*er, The Caker, The CopyCat Maker

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