Tuesday, July 13

Red, White, and Summer

For those of you wondering when this became a party blog, this is my life these days.  In exactly a one month period we have my husband's birthday, my daughter's birthday, our wedding anniversary, and my birthday, not to mention Father's Day and the Fourth of July.  Needless to say, we have had a number of cakes (or cupcakes) recently.

Generally my birthday celebrations have been low key due to summer plans.  Don't get me wrong... they have been wonderful birthdays.  But last week my husband and I were talking and I decided I wanted a party this year.  Since that was two weeks before my birthday (and since we left on vacation the next day), it will be a relaxed gathering.  The rules:  I can dictate the theme and ideas, but my husband is throwing the party and I can only do as many "details" as bring me joy and not stress.  I am a blessed woman.

Here's the inspiration:

Row 1:  Martha Stewart Classic Lemonade;  Poms from Etsy; Red Gingham Oilcloth; Bicycle Cake Topper from HeyYoYo
Rows 2&3:  Chocolate Dipped Rice Crispy Popsicles from Twig & Thistle; Evite Picnic; Martha Stewart Pretzel Sparklers; Martha Stewart Classic Burger; Red Stripe Paper Straws from HeyYoYo
Row 4:  Paper Flag Bunting from Etsy; Red Balloons; Firecracker Flowers from BHG; Red Polka Dot Oil Cloth

I'll share more as it comes together in the next week.  I hope you are all having a lovely summer (or winter, depending on your hemisphere).

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