Sunday, July 25

Red, White, and Summer Birthday Celebration

Well, our month long of celebrations has finally ended.  And the concluding event was a birthday celebration my husband threw for me.  It started a little hectic as the weather was not cooperating.  We planned the event for outside, and the morning of the party, we knew there was a 40% chance of thunderstorms at 5pm, exactly when we were scheduled to start.

     4:00pm:  Start setting up outside. 
     4:30pm:  Winds pick up and begin watching sky nervously
     4:45pm:  A few drops fall, so move everything inside
     5:00pm:  Guests arrive, reminding me why we were having the party outside
     5:30pm:  Realize that outside is beautiful and everyone pitches in to move the party outside

Perhaps it is because I am a July baby with ruby red running deep within me. Perhaps it is because red, white, and blue prevail this time of year. Perhaps it is just the image of red and white picnic blankets. Whatever the cause, I wanted a playful red and white party that embraced summer. Thus, this party was born.

It was a great night.  The kids had a great time on the playset while the adults relaxed on the deck.  The menu was simple... a Burger Bar.  My husband fired up the grill and we put out a variety of ingredients so that everyone could have their own custom burger.  We even included a few suggestions to help folks out.

Suggestions for Burger Creations

I was allowed a few hand-crafted details, but only a few.  After all, my husband was throwing this party.  Some of those additions included red clothespins with food labels and wrapping the utensils and napkins in fun polka-dot paper (Michaels) and a little red and white baker's twine (Paper and Parcel). 

Bouquet from my Mother that matched perfectly
(Funny enough, the other bouquet on the table was from another friend and also matched.  I apparently inspire sunflowers, which I loved!)

Cucumber Water and Lemonade to beat the heat

Celebrating Summer... blueberries and watermelon, plus some peppers and onions for the burger bar

Vintage Paper Straws from HeyYoYo

Red bicycle on top of a lemon pound cake  (Bike from HeyYoYo)

"Ant" cupcakes in fun red gingham cupcake wrappers (from HeyYoYo)

Sunflowers inside

Red and White Pennant Banner hanging inside (meant for outside but ended up inside due to the weather)

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Cotton Kiwi said...

Happy Birthday CJ! What a gorgeous looking party. And how wonderful to have people tell you that you inspire sunflowers. That's too beautiful for words!

cheri said...

happy birthday! your hubby really knows how to throw a party :)

Not Just A Mommy! said...

EEK! I've been camping and just now catching up on my party blogs, and this is another amazing party! Of course I will need to share.

Also wanted to let you know because you are a hard working mommy blogger, you have a Hard Working Mommy blogger award at my site! Please come visit, you deserve it!

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