Sunday, July 11

Apple Red Beauties

I have a current love affair with red.  Just look at these Apple Red beauties.  They are part of a project coming up soon.  I had great fun spray painting them this afternoon.  And after enjoying the glorious red of the clothespins, I found myself looking for even more red around me.

This is an easy project.  Just spray paint one side, let dry, flip and paint the other side, let dry, and done.  Loveliness to enjoy in so many ways... maybe hanging clothes, maybe for other purposes.

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Kim @ Frost Me! said...

great pop of color to a project! I love adding words to them or lace stencil for an unexpected touch!

Kim @
party inspiration

julie said...

I'm having a love affair with the pictures you're taking from your new camera. You are really very, very good!

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