Friday, July 16

I interrupt these regularly scheduled posts to offer my overdue thanks to several lovely ladies.

The Sew*er, the Caker, the CopyCat Maker was so wonderfully sweet in mentioning me in her awards for "Blogs with Substance."  I am so jealous of her sewing skills (isn't this red and blue shirt adorable), cake decorating skills (I want this cake for my husband... plus thanks for validating that marshmallow fondant actually works), and her Kid Wash.  Don't know what a Kid Wash is?  Well, you can read all about it on her blog.

Straight Stitches recognized me for "the versatile blogger" award.  Once again I am so envious of people who can actually sew.  This continues to be the primary skill I need to learn.  And besides her adorable creations, she has such a sense of humour in her writing.  Case in point... her lovely floor candlesticks and their practicality in situations with recently mobile children, a situation I am struggling with daily as my little one gets closer and closer to crawling.  (And as a final side... hooray for Virginia)

Stepping Thru Crazy also recognized me with "the versatile blogger" award.  (Sarah, if you are reading this, I so want those blue ballet flats in your header)   I LOVE this ladies tank she created.  (Have I mentioned that I REALLY need to learn how to sew?)  And her house sign... too cute, particularly since it is flanked by my beloved red geraniums.  She has so many diverse projects that you can never get bored.  And she does it all with three daughters.  Absolutely amazing.

Thank you ladies so much for your recognition.  I greatly appreciate it and can offer no excuse for my tardiness in expressing my thanks.

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Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Congrats on your awards! And happy belated birthday. Those cupcakes look divine! Thanks for stopping by for New Friend Friday! Have a fantastic weekend! :)

Daphne said...

Hello! I'm your newest follower from New Friend Friday...hope you have a great weekend!

Reluctant Writer said...

Hi Im a new follower. Congrats on the awards. I look forward to checking out your blog more. Have a great weekend.

Ron Cooper said...

I’m following you now on New Friend Friday! Please follow me back on my blog “Inspire!”


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