Monday, September 10

PR&P Flashback: Circle Skirt Remix

In honor of the start of Project Run and Play Season 5, I wanted to share a project inspired by last season.  One of my favorite Circle Skirt Remixes was Refugee Crafter's Blue Circle Skirt.  I love the little cinched layer with the ruffles peeking out underneath.  (Plus her model was too cute for words.)  So when I found these navy polka dot fabrics, they just screamed to be used for this very purpose.

Isn't that cinch just darling?  There is so much twirl and volume to this skirt.

Mix in a little uniform top and headband and you have one cute kiddo.  The shoes... well, they were a recent compromise for school shoes.  Little princess wanted glitter shoes.  Mommy wanted shoes that didn't drop glitter everywhere.  There are what we settled on.  I have a feeling our future has many fashion compromises in it.

Aren't these two just the cutest?

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