Thursday, September 20

Modern Jackie

Style Icons... what a hard and yet fabulous theme for the second week of Project Run and Play.  I debated several... Audrey Hepburn, Ralph Lauren, Grace Kelly.  But in the end, I had to go back to one of my favorite... Jackie O.

One of the things I love about Jackie is how she would take into account her surroundings when traveling as First Ladies.  Her trip to India... the colors and silks... all fit together.  I love looking at the photos of her attire from that visit, several of which inspired this week's look.
[Source: Life]

[Source: Life]

[Source: Life]

That last picture in particular caught my eye.  I love Jackie in her pink outfit surrounded by all the pinks and oranges.  Thus was born...

A Modern Jackie

I wanted something with simple, classic lines... boat-neck, front pleat... but with the color saturation that grabbed me in the photos.  So I chose a vibrant pink and accented it with orange ribbon.  (The sparkles on the ribbon won my daughter's approval.)  And of course you can't forget the pearls!

She certainly proves you can move in the dress!

This was the first pattern I drafted on my own, which was a lot of fun.  It also meant becoming good friends with my seam ripper!

In the story of a fail, check out this headband I originally planned.  Two pictures in it was very clear that I needed to use a simpler headband.  This one looked like it was about to fly off her head.  But she still likes it.

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Emily said...

So classy and what fun colors! The second to last photo is priceless. :)

EG said...

Great job! Love the orange tulle peeking out!

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