Sunday, September 30

Back to School: Bento Love

I love the bento concept, at least the Americanized-version. (Mine are in no way authentic). The small sizes and variety fits my daughter's eating habits. And I find that it gives me just enough room for silly fun, which is essential now that I find myself packing school lunches daily.

As we close out September, here are some of our school creations...

"Reach for the Stars"

"Madam Butterfly"

Monkey Love

One Fish, Two Fish

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EG said...

It's a good thing you're nice, or I might be thinking rude things about you right now. My kindergartener is lucky he gets a lunch!

CJ {Pink Tea} said...

EG... you crack me up. Some of my co-workers who crossed me the day that I was working from home while caring for a croupy baby may not agree. ;)

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