Tuesday, June 8

Please wash your hands...

My friend recently had a beautiful baby girl, born at 34 weeks after a long period of bed rest for Mommy.  She is absolutely precious.  With such a tiny three week old baby, it was completely understandable that my friend was nervous about an upcoming family reunion.  She mentioned having seen a mother at a store with a sign that essentially said to please not touch the baby.  However, she was too shy to ask her where she got it.  It turns out that there are several etsy shops that sell these style of signs.  However, there wasn't time to order one... thus this one was born.

The tag is pink and brown to replicate much of her nursery decor.  I designed this one using MS Word (because I still need to buy better design software).  One side asks that people wash their hands.  On the other side, her name.  (Isabel... isn't that a beautiful name.)  It was printed double-sided on cardstock and then laminated.  All that was left was to punch a ribbon hole in top, thread the ribbon through, and attach to the car seat.

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Joyfulmama said...

Oh so clever! My sister's little boy is due in October and I will definitely make her one of these to add to a baby shower basket I am working on. Could you please tell me which font you used for the name?

Melissa said...

Good for you - not only wash your hands but ask first!!

CJ {Pink Tea} said...

Melissa - Thanks. It always amazes me how many strangers will walk up and start touching a little baby in public without asking.

Joyfulmama - Your sister is so blessed to have you. I'm sure that she will love the basket you are putting together. For the name I used "Jellyka, Saint-Andrew's Queen." I downloaded it from www.dafont.com... an awesome site.

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