Friday, June 11

The Countdown is On...

The countdown is on for my daughter's birthday.  Since she is beginning to grasp the concept of time (though everything in the past was yesterday and everything in the future is tomorrow), we created a little countdown chain for her to enjoy.  The first orange ring is for Daddy's Birthday.  The second orange ring at the top is for her Birthday Party.  For her, it is a reminder of how soon her party is.  For Mommy, it's a reminder of how little time she has left for preparations.  Obviously, I'll have a busy weekend.

Happy Friday to you.  May your weekend be a delightful one.

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daniii♥ said...

Good luck with your party planning!!!

(visiting from nff)

Cotton Kiwi said...

What a great idea to help kids understand time a little better! I'd need another to break down the hours on the day of the party too! Hope the preparation is going well. Can't wait to see what you do!

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Love the chain... we started making these for all big events last year and my kids love them!

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