Friday, June 4

Baby Food

With the season's bounty coming in, I want to start preparing homemade baby food for my son.  Plus, he's starting to move toward chunkier foods and I don't like the options in the store.  I've started introducing him to pure avocado and peach.  And this weekend I want to try out Honest Fare's Zucchini and Potato recipe, as featured on Ohdeedoh.

What are other good sources for more advanced baby foods?  I definitely want to start working on some options for my little man... maybe even biter biscuits.

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Theresa said...

I used the book "Super Baby Food" by Ruth Yaron. I loaned it out and never got it back, but it does have great suggestions for good first finger foods and such.

lajamison said...

I completly agree with Theresa. I have that book on my shelf and I look at it almost daily. Avacado was my son's first food!

Estee said...

I didn't buy any book. My son's first meal was steamed pumpkin that I mashed. Afterwards came zuccini, carrots, potatoes and then chicken soup. With the fruits I started with graded apple and pear, then banana.
After a month or so with this food we just gave him whatever we ate and he loves eating! He's now almost 2 years old and he eats well and we don't have junk food at home. He drinks only water and loves it, he loves pasta, meatballs, bananas and fruits in general and watever I have on my plate.

Good luck :)

CJ {Pink Tea} said...

Thanks for all the great ideas.

Katie said...

My little one LOVE avacado too! My mom got me a baby food maker at William Sonoma. Its awesome, it steams, blends and rethaws baby food you've already made. Comes with storage containers you can freeze. I just started giving Hayden the gerber puffs today for the first time which are great when you're on the go. How old is your son? More advanced you can start yogurt and cottage cheese. Mia loved cottage cheese and there is a lot less sugar than yogurt!

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

I loved this website:

My best tip for introducing fruits is to bake them... it gives them a wonderful taste! I would half things like apples, pears and peaches and put them in a lasagna pan with an inch of water. Bake until soft and puree with my hand-held blender. I would then freeze portions in ice-cube trays.

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