Sunday, March 21

Spring... and a splash of Pink

I love Spring.  It might be my favorite season.  Everything is new and fresh.  The world is just coming to life... waking up after the long winter.  Just today I discovered that my rosemary, parsley, oregano, and marjoram all survived the winter.  My forsythia bush went from barely budding on Friday to the beginning of yellow blossoms today.  And we played outside in shorts and sandals.  I am hoping for a prolonged Spring before we hit 90 degree days.

In honor of Spring, I have another shirt creation for my daughter.  I love silhouettes, and this one just seemed like fun.

For more on freezer stenciling, check here.  It is really easy.  And after a recent shopping trip where I discovered that I don't like the messages on most of the shirts for kids, I have a feeling that I will be customizing a lot of my own shirts.

My apologies if the posts this week are a little less frequent.  I am desperately trying to make some things for my kids' Easter baskets (and yes, more felt food is included), plan a baby shower for the week after Easter (lots of projects to share with this one), make some more hairbows and barrettes for my daughter's spring outfits, and prep a gift for a baby shower this coming weekend.  I'll be sharing all the crafts with you as well as tutorials, so please check back.

Until then... have a lovely week.

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Kaysi said...

What a fun shirt, I bet your daughter loves it!

The Persimmon Perch said...

Looks great. I still need to pick up freezer paper and try this out. Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

Cotton Kiwi said...

Just came across your blog and I'm so glad I did. It's just gorgeous, chock full of great ideas. Thank you! Now I have to see if I can locate some 100% ribbon or freezer paper here in New Zealand!

Kim@Simply Domestic said...

I agree with you. I don't like the messages on shirts for kids either! Love what you did! I'm glad I found your blog.

Melissa said...

Adorable!! And I agree with you - I don't like the messages on most children's shirts either.

Ashley said...

Okay I want to know how to do this freezer stenciling!!! I love how this one turned out...I LOVE the yellow one on your other post too! Thank you for sharing.

CJ {Pink Tea} said...

Thanks everyone. I am glad that I am not the only picky one who gets frustrated looking at the clothes available.

I'd love to see what variations everyone else comes up with.

fawnda said...

Now that is TOO CUTE! I love it! : )

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