Sunday, March 7

Dia Libh...

I am in love with freezer paper stenciling.  I may be getting a little obsessive.  My husband is afraid that I am going to stencil every article of clothing in the house.  Well, maybe it isn't that bad.  But I am having fun with it.  I can't wait to show you some of the spring creations I made for my little girl.  However, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, let me start with the Irish shirts I made for the kids.

I already had a green shirt lying around for my son.  Since it was a little boring, I thought I'd have some fun and dress it up.  We really enjoy going to Celtic festivals (much harder these days than during our pre-kid days), so I thought I would go more Irish-themed so they could wear them beyond St. Patrick's Day.

If you want to try this yourself, Dana from Made has a great tutorial on Freezer Paper Stenciling.

I chose the Irish Gaelic phrase "Dia Libh" meaning "God with You."  The font for the green shirt is Livingstone (downloaded from  I used Sherwood (also downloaded from for the white shirt.  I printed out the two phrases and then traced them onto the freezer paper.  After cutting the design out with an exacto knife, I ironed the design onto the shirt and painted it using Tulip's Glacier White Matte soft fabric paint.  I think I did 2-3 coats.

I did the same thing on the white shirt but used Tulip's Holiday Green Matte.  I made my daughter's shirt gender neutral so that her brother can wear it in a couple of years.  The girly shirts will be coming soon. 

Until then... dia libh.

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Kaysi said...

That looks so fun, I want to try it!

Upstatemomof3 said...

Those are so cool!! And I just love that they are Irish in time for St Paddy's day!!!

Katie said...

Love them! I've wanted to try freezer paper stenciling but couldn't find freezer paper at WalMart here in Puerto Rico. Can you get it at the grocery store? I rarely go to the regulary grocery store out here since we have a Costco, but I'd make a special trip if I thought they might have freezer paper!

CJ {Pink Tea} said...

My husband found the freezer paper for me at the grocery store. I didn't have any luck at our Target or Walmart, but for whatever reason the grocery store did carry it.

The Persimmon Perch said...

Fun! Love the phrase. Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

Kim -today's creative blog said...

I so WANT to do this.

fawnda said...

I love Freezer paper stenciling! This turned out SUPER cute! I love the phrase you choose! : )

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