Thursday, March 4

Seuss Extravaganza: Cat in the Hat Pin

I had originally planned on yesterday being the last Seuss post.  However, I couldn't resist making a little Cat in the Hat pin for my daughter.  Her daycare has been celebrating Dr Seuss this week as well, so I wanted her to have something special to wear.

The pin was really simple to make.  I whipped it up while watching an episode of BBC's Robin Hood (current obsession) with my husband once the kids were in bed.  There is something so relaxing about sewing in the evening.  It is such a nice relief to let go of all the day's stress and just create with your hands.  Pair that with british accents, a hot cup of tea, and my loving husband, and it is a perfect end to the day.

Making the pin was simple.  All I did was cut a hat shape out of the white felt.  I then cut out a piece of blue felt slightly larger than the white one.  I stitched a safety pin to the blue felt.  Then I stitched the white hat form to the blue felt using white embroidery floss.  I cut out three stripes from the red felt and stitched those on top.  And with that, it was done.

I hope you enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE it! Just adorable! You never outgrow Suess, or at least I HAVEN'T!lol!

Kathleen said...

This is Too cut. I want one for myself!!!

A Contrarian's Way said...

Any chance you have the document you used to make the tea party labels? I am putting together my daughter's tea party set, and have no idea where to find a cute little pink tea pot like the one you used? You could email it to me if you wanted. If not, then maybe just steer me in the right direction? Thanks so much!

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