Monday, August 13

A Mermaid Tale

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little beach baby who dreamed of being mermaid.  One day she found a magical necklace.

She wished on the necklace and, to her surprise, a tail appeared.

She couldn't wait to go explore the water with her new tail.

But, alas, after a while she missed her legs.  She missed running and dancing and cuddling with her mama.  If only she could have both.

She wished again and the tail transformed back into legs.  Legs for running.

Legs for playing.  Oh the joy... the best of both worlds.

This mermaid tail is based off of Ikatbag's design (really her daughters' design).  It is a brilliant idea.  Many compliments to her daughters.  I love the practicality to let them play while still letting them move.  Those girls definitely have a future in toy design.

Of course, my daughter really wanted this to be water-friendly, so we made ours out of swimsuit fabric.  And she insisted that it had to be pink... all pink.  The top is just a simple tube top with straps, made from leftover fabric.  I tried a reverse-applique.  Turned out to not be my best idea, but she likes it all the same.

It has definitely been a hit.  The only problem is that now my daughter is signing me up to make them for all her friends.

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EG said...

This is AMAZING, Cara!

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