Thursday, July 5

Celebrations: Rainbow Art Party


Guess who's FIVE!  And it's time to celebrate.  What better for my energetic and creative girl than a...


We kept things pretty simple.  My daughter had great fun choosing the activities and helping with the planning.  She decorated her own cake.  And she even painted her own birthday skirt.  Watching her excitement was even better than the actual party.  And I loved seeing her own personal touches on things.

I'm not sure what she was drawing, but she had fun.  Hooray for edible markers and marshmallow fondant.  (Ignore my bad fondant job.)  And my favorite part... the first slice.

We drew with sidewalk chalk.  We painted shirts.  We made fruit loop necklaces.  And we danced with rainbow ribbon wands.  All in all... we just had fun... colorful and messy fun.

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Nanny said...

That's an awesome theme. So colourful and fun! I Love that you allowed her to decorate her own cake and skirt. :)

Katie said...

CJ are you back?! Oh YAY! I haven't blogged in forever but I'm trying to get back into it! I have a business page on facebook now that has kept me busy, but I need to get crafting again. So good to know you're back!
(MiaMoo Designs)

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