Saturday, December 4

Santa's Workshop #3: Butterfly Barrettes and More Korker Bows

I do love Korker bows, so I couldn't miss an opportunity to make more.  (Check out the Korker Tutorial if interested.)  But I have also discovered a whole new world... ribbon sculptures.  I saw cute butterfly barrettes around around but couldn't find any free tutorials, so I ended up having to create my own.  Continue reading if you are interested in making some as well.

Grosgrain ribbons (3/8" width), at least two designs
Hair Clip
Hot Glue Gun


(1) Cut four 7 1/4" lengths of ribbon, two from each ribbon style.

(2) Overlay two contrasting ribbons with prints facing outward (if applicable).  Hot glue one end.

(3) Twist the end into a small loop (as shown below) and glue.

(4)  Loop the rest of the ribbon into a larger loop (as shown below) and glue.  You now have one wing.

(5) Repeat steps 2-4, reversing the loops, to create a opposite wing.

(6) Cut a length of ribbon to wrap around the hair clip.  Secure to clip with glue.

(7) Glue the two wings to the barrette.

(8) Cut a small length of curled ribbon (refer to korker tutorial on how to curl ribbon).  I used scraps from my korker bows.  Hot glue curled ribbon to center of barrette.


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Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [05 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

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