Monday, December 20

Santa's Workshop #5: A little painting

[Note:  If you are related to me, you should probably stop reading this blog until after Christmas.]

Well, after a crazy work week, I am now in the mad rush to get everything prepared for Christmas.  And hopefully I will get a few of those ideas posted.  How about you?  Is your workshop busy these days as you finish your preparations?

In the spirit of last minute gifts, don't forget the joy of freezer paper stenciling.  It can make anything personal and unique.  Just set up your work station (in my case, my ironing board)...

Start painting

And then get a unique and special gift for someone you love.
(And my apologies for the night-time photos.  The challenge of December.)

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Katie said...

My sewing room is a crazy mess! I'm trying to get all my gifts done too. Good luck to us both ;-)

Doug Carter said...

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