Tuesday, November 30

Santa's Workshop #2: Felt Flower Barrettes

Now you knew that if I was creating Hair Clip Holders that there had to be some barrettes as well.  For these I utilized two primary felt flower tutorials...
For my barrettes, I experimented with the peony template, using different pieces to create different sized flowers.  Using just the three smallest pieces makes for an adorable baby clip, whereas larger ones make great additions for headbands.  You can adorn them with buttons for the centers or just some fun contrasting stitching (such as if the headband is for a baby).

For the rose barrettes, I used the same base as on my other barrettes, but her base is lovely.  And those roses are just as sweet as can be.

Want another easy felt flower design?  Check out Purl Bee's Poppy Template.  I am loving this for adorning my Christmas packages.  I even made a charcoal grey one with a black button center for a more sophisticated package.

Next peak into Santa's Workshop... ribbon barrettes and an easy tutorial.

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Katie said...

They turned out so cute!

Anonymous said...

Really informative blog post here my friend. I just wanted to comment & say keep up the quality work. I’ve bookmarked your blog just now and I’ll be back to read more in the future my friend! Also well-chosen colors on the theme it goes well with the blog in my modest opinion :).

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