Friday, December 31

Pink, Ribbon, and Ballet Slippers

It is finally time.  Shoes as precious as ballet slippers cannot continue to be hauled in the back of my boy's diaper bag.  Ballet slippers, and the magic they hold to transform every little girl, need their own special home.  Someplace safe until it is time to lead little feet in arabesques and plies.

What better starting project than to create a special bag for a very special dancing princess.  A sweet ballet-inspired fabric, a simple bag with ribbon drawstring, a pair of ballet shoes... so simple, and yet so sweet.

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janimal said...

Oh! This is perfect! Thanks for this idea. I keep meaning to make some kind of little bag for ballet class clothes, but really a bag for the shoes is most important, right?! I think that fabric you chose is perfect. Now I must go on the hunt for ballet fabric. Cheers!

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

So simple, yet perfect!

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