Sunday, November 14

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?"

How do you have a Snow White day?  Start with a Snow White, twirling in her skirt.

Then add a dwarf...

And complete the picture with an apple or two... though not poisoned in this case.

Interested in your own?  The Snow White costume is "minimal-sew"... a no-sew tutu skirt made of yellow tulle, white tulle, and yellow satin ribbon, a blue leotard with decorative ribbon lightly stitched on the front, and a red ribbon for the hair.

Dopey's costume was even easier... a green shirt, several sizes too large (5T for my 12 month boy), with big yellow buttons and hat sewn from thick purple felt.  Add a little jute string for a belt and the picture is complete.

And the Snow White story couldn't be complete without the apple of course.  Otherwise there would be no need for the kiss.  So how about apple place cards for lunch and then sweet "apple" cupcakes for dessert.  A sweet ending for a sweet fairytale.

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Cotton Kiwi said...

That is so cute! Wonderful ideas!

Katie said...

You're such a fun mom!

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