Wednesday, May 12

Ode to Strawberry Jam

First, let me say congratulations to the CSN Giveaway winner... Mary Ellen.  Congratulations.  I loved reading everyone's responses.  So many talented people with so many passions.

I love Strawberries!  I get tingly in anticipation of Strawberry season.  And during that brief period, I could eat strawberries every day.  And I'm not alone.  Since we first decided she was old enough to try one, she has been an addict of the red deliciousness.

As a tribute to this love affair, this blog will now be an ode to strawberries, at least for the next several posts.  Oh, that beautiful red color. The rich, sweet juices that run down your face.  The lusciousness of it all.  Forgive me.  I am getting carried away.

My dilemma though is always what to do with them.  Strawberries have such a short life span.  And while they have much more flavor at room temperature, they also last such a shorter time.  So, this week that meant that several were turned into delicious jam.

I used My French Corner's Easy Peach Confiture recipe but switched out strawberries for peach and cut back on the sugar.  (I made the peach version last summer and it became my main craving at the end of my third trimester.)

Sadly, the jam didn't last long.  It became the filling for homemade pop tarts for friends, the filling for cookies I will be sharing soon, and the delicious topping for our morning toast for many days.  I also gave my mother a jar for Mother's Day.

What foods do you find yourself addicted to when they are in season?

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Jocelyn said...

Yum! and homemade pop tarts? Can you post a recipe for that???

CJ {Pink Tea} said...

Sure. Here's the basic recipe:

Just instead of the cream cheese and blueberry filling, I added the strawberry jam this time.

Anonymous said...

Great posts, especially this one – thank you! :-)

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