Wednesday, June 13

Wrapped Up in Mommy's Love

Life has been changing around here.  After being home for two years, my husband has decided to go back to work.  That wasn't the original plan.  However, a great opportunity came up and, after a lot of prayer, we decided to embark on life as a two-income household.  (Of course all this came up during my maternity leave and while he was finishing his last few weeks of his Master's program.  Can we say chaos!)

With all the changes I wanted to send the kids to Daycare with something special... something to remind them of Mommy.

Daycare requires a nap mat for the older two, so what better project.  My daughter chose an ice cream fabric for hers.  I chose an animal fabric for her brother.  As a fluke, they both ended up with brown and blue blankets.

Sew 4 Home has a great tutorial.  However, I modified it a bit to incorporate an envelope enclosure in the top for a 12x22 pillow insert rather than additional batting.  I like being able to take the pillow out to wash it.

It's been a hit.  My daughter couldn't wait to use it at home and both kids get excited to use them on weekends when we bring them home.  Turns out, they are also great for family movie nights.

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