Friday, June 8

How my Husband was Right

My husband wins!  After torturing him with handmade clothes missing any label indicating the back of the garment, I finally had to deal with it myself when dressing my niece in a dress her mother made.  And now that I know what it is like when yo don't just "know," I conceded to adding labels.  And you know what... its fun.

In fact, it may be an addiction.  Some I ironed directly on (particularly garments already made).

But my preference was to make these cute twill tape labels...

Aren't they fun!

There are a lot of tutorials on these.  And they really are simple.  Just design your label on the computer and print it on t-shirt transfer paper.  (Note: Test Print.  After designing it as a mirror image on the computer, I discovered that selecting the t-shirt transfer option in my print settings reversed it by itself, and un-reversed all my hard work.)

Then cut and iron on your twill tape.  Voila!  No more headaches for other people... nor for the kids.

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julie said...

Love the tags! Funny, the "P" in Pink and the "T" in Tea kept standing out to me as a lovely, artistic signature. Then after I looked at them for a bit, I began to see the "C" in the P and the "J" in the T and I loved it even more! Was this irony intentional or accidental?

CJ {Pink Tea} said...

Totally Accidental... but I love it

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