Tuesday, May 29

She's the Queen of the Waves

Last season I picked up this adorable orange and blue surfer girl shirt for my daughter on clearance at Gymboree.  She loves it.  I think my little beach baby secretly wants to be a surfer and therefore totally conceeded to wearing jeans if it meant she could wear her "Merliah" shirt (for those of you who started singing the moment you read the title of this post).  My daughter would live in dresses and skirts if I let her (which I admit I often do).

Anyways, with the weather getting warmer, it was totally time to come up with a new option for bottoms.  Last year I made a couple of skirts based on Prudent Baby's Layer Cake Skirt Tutorial.  I love this design!  It is simply perfect for carefree summer days...

This is my favorite skirt to date.  I think it is the colors... so bright and summery.

I used the same fabric lengths as the tutorial but added an inch to each layer's width to accomodate an almost-5-year-old.

What are your favorite summer clothes?

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Caroline said...

I love the orange and blue combination!

For summer I love denim shorts and lovely peasant tops... My daughter loves anything long, pink and twirly!

CJ {Pink Tea} said...

Caroline, I think our daughters would get along. Twirliness is her first test in any garment. Then again, she comes by it honestly. I remember testing the twirl factor in my wedding dress.

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