Monday, October 4

Red Velvet Cupcakes with White Chocolate Footballs

My boss recently celebrated her birthday, and I wanted to make her something special for such a great manager and mentor.  I knew that she loves (and I mean loves) Red Velvet Cake, so cupcakes were a must.

I debated how to top the cupcakes given that there are two other things I know she loves... Beardies and Football (particularly the Hokies).  And since these great football chocolate molds had recently arrived for my son's birthday party, white chocolate footballs seemed perfect.

More to come on how these same ingredients were used in my son's party... though not together.

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{ to be charmed } said...

What a great combo! Did you make the cupcakes from scratch or was it from a box? Just curious. I'm going to make a Red Velvet cake for Halloween and I was going to try to make one from scratch.

~ Elizabeth

Reynolds said...

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