Saturday, August 6

Read Me Inspired {The Very Fairy Princess}

"I know that I'm a fairy princess because I FEEL it inside - 
a sparkly feeling of just KNOWING in my heart."
The Very Fairy Princess by Julie Andrews & Emma Walton Hamilton

My little princess and I have been very overdue for some Mommy-Daughter time, so today seemed like the perfect day to embrace a little Fairy Princess time.

I was originally curious about this book because of the authors... Julie Andrews and her daughter.  Really... the Julie Andrews.  I consider her to be one of the classiest women around.  So despite my mistrust of children's books written by celebrities, I read this one and really enjoyed it.  I'm all for a fairy princess who may love pink, sparkles, and glitter but also embraces scabby knees, frogs, and dirty fingernails.

"For breakfast I have Fairy Pancakes, with extra fairy dust on top.  YUM!
(Fairy princesses have very refined taste.)"

"My favorite classes are art and music.
That's when I can REALLY let my sparkle out!"

"Then it's into the garden I go,
to attend to my royal duties...
building little houses for my fellow fairies," 
(This was the focus of the day, and I'll share more about the fairy garden in my next post.)

"and exercising my unicorn."

We didn't end up making our "sugar cookies with extra sprinkles," but that's okay because we were having too much fun with the fairy garden.  I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time playing there.

Any books inspiring you lately?

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Emma Walton Hamilton said...

Dear CJ -
We just discovered this lovely post - thank you! We'll be linking to it this week or next during our National Princess Week Festivities and in celebration of the next book in the Very Fairy Princess series coming out...
All good wishes!
Emma Walton Hamilton

CJ {Pink Tea} said...


I am so honored that you found this blog. Thank you! Your books are a popular bedtime read in our house. Thank you for creating Geraldine. She always makes me laugh.


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