Tuesday, February 16

Happy Pancake Day

I learned in researching Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras) that many countries refer to it as "Pancake Day."  A day where you eat pancakes. That is my kind of holiday. I love the idea. So, our family celebrated tonight by eating Macadamia Nut Pancakes with Ginger Syrup for dinner. (I'm pretending I am somewhere warmer.  Our snow is melting so now it is just cold and gray and dreary.)

Pancake Day also seemed like another great excuse to add to my daughter's felt food collection (see more on this felt food addiction here and here and here and... well, you get the picture).

Pancakes with syrup and bananas... Yummy.  To make your own, check out the tutorial below.

  • Felt, light brown and a darker brown
  • Embroidery Floss, light brown and a darker brown
  • Circle Template out of cardstock for the size pancake you want.  (A glass can be a great round shape to trace around.)
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Pins (to hold the template to the felt)
  • Cotton Balls or Cotton Batting
  1. Pin the template to the lighter felt.  Cut out the circle.  Repeat.
  2. Cut out your syrup shape out of the darker felt.  My method for doing this was to first pin the template to the felt and cut out a circle.  Then, I cut out a wavy shape along the edges.
  3. You should now have two circles and one wavy shape.  Stitch the edges of the syrup shape to one of the circles using the darker brown embroidery floss.  I personally used a variation on the blanket stitch.  (As a reminder, FutureGirl.com has a great tutorial on the blanket stitch.)
  4. Next, put the two circles together (syrup facing out) and use the blanket stitch to stitch the circles together, stopping when you have about 2 inches left to stitch.
  5. Pull apart the cotton to make it wispy and thin if you are using cotton balls.  Lightly stuff the pancake until it is as padded as you want.  Continue stitching the pancake closed and knot off your thread.  With that, you're done.  Enjoy!
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huntedtreasures said...

CJ- These are so yummy they look so real and delicious, you are the best, I am glad we found your blog you keep me on my toes, in wanting to make all these delicious items you have created.

Tons of Hugs,


CJ {Pink Tea} said...

Maria... thank you so much. I'm glad you are enjoying the projects.

Jelli said...

Love your felt food tutorials! I'll probably make these pancakes for my baby's felt food Christmas gift. I shared your link with a mama friend looking for Christmas gift ideas. Looks great!

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